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Content Marketing

A content marketing strategy should consistently create high-quality content that nurtures your buyer persona at each stage of the buyer’s journey—awareness, consideration, and decision. Compelling, authoritative and persuasive copy is the lifeblood of inbound content marketing – which is impossible without valuable or helpful content.
Social media posts, newsletters, blogs, case studies, videos, whitepapers, webinars, infographics and e-books are examples of the types of copy we produce for our clients as part of a well-considered and regularly adapted content marketing plan


Attract the right buyers with the right content at the right time in the buyer's journey

A content marketing plan depicts how you engage with prospects and customers at every step of the buyer’s journey. Your customers’ journey begins when they discover your business and extends to becoming loyal fans, following a clear path that includes website visits, lead generation, and conversions.
It also details how you can spread out the creation of all content and updates over a logical timeframe, visualized in a content calendar

Taking the time to understand your customers

We need to understand who they are, their job functions, where they spend their time online, their professional priorities and what decision criteria they use. Why? Even Google maintains an understanding of consumer intent, which is powerful for marketers. Once you know what your customers want, you can create buyer personas to help anyone in charge of your marketing strategy or content creation succeed.


Take it to the Next Level

We make it convenient for buyers to act by leading them naturally through your sales funnel with persuasive copy showcasing your expertise. For example:

  • Liaising with you about your company before writing the first word. This step includes understanding a typical buyer’s journey before adding a product or service to their cart.

  • Mapping the content types required for the typical journey of your B2B buyers.

  • Developing a content plan that maps out content creation and updates for optimal delivery of all content and updates over a logical time frame.

  • Providing advice on how to update or transform your website into an engaging sales tool that shows prospects how you can help them

  • Create journalistic-quality performance content to share your expertise and thought leadership, and provide helpful information to your information-seeking buyers.

  • Ensure every content tactic has a clear and actionable call-to-action to entice prospects to take the next step.

Drive people to your products and services

Think your industry isn’t that interesting, and you don’t know what to say? Don’t worry. We specialize in making “unglamorous industries” sound interesting by bringing their B2B story to the forefront.