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Content Marketing Writing Tips for the Perfectionist: Expanding Your Horizons

Who could possibly know your brand as well as you do? How could anyone else ever speak with the same voice your customers know and appreciate? These aren't uncommon questions for businesses that start by producing much of their marketing content in-house. When content marketing writing tips suggest that it's often wise to recruit additional support from third-party agencies, some marketing managers may scoff. Outside help would only mean diminishing your current efforts. Right? 

Perhaps not so much after all... 

A perfectionist approach reflects an admirable dedication to the brand and its mission. However, it's possible to miss the forest for the trees by clinging too tightly to an existing strategy. If you don't broaden your horizons, you could miss valuable opportunities to improve business and build a better bottom line. Let's consider why that is and what you can do instead. 

Perfectionism Can Lead to Inherent Imperfections 

It makes sense to want your content "just right" as you execute your strategy—it's how you represent yourself. However, zeroing in on the details and focusing too closely on getting things right every time can leave you bogged down and ineffective. Some of the problems you can create by over-emphasizing a perfect approach include: 

  • Producing content too slowly to stay relevant.
  • Missing out on opportunities to capitalize on trends.
  • Failing to build enough momentum to improve ranking.
  • Providing only what you think readers want, not what they truly want. 

A strategy that works is good—but is it working or helping you grow? Stagnation is a considerable risk in marketing, and it can happen to even the most driven managers—so let's consider a better option. 

Evaluate What Innovative Brands Do Today 

Your competitors might seem like an odd place to look for content marketing writing tips, but you can discover key insights about what works in your industry today. Look at the strategies used by those succeeding in or near your space, such as how long their content is, what topics they hit, and how often they post. 

One problem often rampant in campaigns with perfection as a priority is an irregular posting schedule—usually caused by all the extra time spent refining and tweaking content. Yet it can take between two and four posts per week, consistently made over time, for a blog to gain real traction. Seeing how much content your competitors pump into the online environment could be a wake-up call: don't let perfect be the enemy of good. 

Start Considering Outside Help 

"Outsourcing" isn't a bad word in the context of your content. It’s often the norm. Even famous multinational brands with tens of thousands of employees will turn to outside experience to produce high-value marketing content. In one survey, more than 35% of businesses said they outsource content because they lack the right expertise. Almost as many say, it's about intelligently using resources, and a third also say that extra help is vital for achieving scale. 

One person can’t know everything, which goes for your marketing team. Working with a proven content agency allows you to explore new insights and see your business from a critically important perspective: one without bias toward preserving your existing strategy. 

Create a Brand Book That Defines Your Must-Haves 

"But if I give up control, it won't really be my brand anymore, will it?" 

It's a common sentiment among those who want to keep doing what they've always done—but it's founded on a false assumption. Working with an experienced content agency doesn't mean turning over your entire strategy to strangers; on the contrary, you'll be in the driver's seat the whole time. The right agency aims to distill the best of your brand into a well-planned approach that incorporates the latest ideas and SEO innovations. 

Consider creating a style or brand guide based on your existing strategy. Discuss audiences, tones of voice, the type of language you use, and more. When you open yourself to outside help, these guidelines will be the bedrock of your working relationship. You can also enjoy enough control over the process—you aren't giving up anything. 

Is Your Existing Strategy Growing Stagnant? It Might Be Time to Reconsider 

Turning to outside help for fresh content marketing writing tips or support in achieving a robust output doesn't mean giving up control over how your brand presents itself. While a strategy that works is always a nice-to-have, one that succeeds is better—and sometimes, it takes the fresh perspective of a third party to achieve that goal. Take the time today to reconsider whether a solo approach to content gives your business the best chance to connect with the public.