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What Does Outsourcing Social Media Copywriting Mean?

Should you outsource content writing for social media? It's an increasingly common choice and can benefit your business. The blog on your business website is no longer enough—not in today's fast-paced and increasingly diverse online world. A steady flow of relevant content optimized for effective search is still important, but your business must be present and active in more online spaces today. Consider that the average web user spends time on at least six different social media platforms; that's substantial online activity where your brand might never make an appearance. However, if it's already a challenge to keep up with your existing blog calendar, the speed of social media is even more daunting. Can you outsource this content writing? Should you? 

A recent survey revealed that fewer businesses keep all content production entirely in-house. According to the survey, nearly two-thirds of in-house marketers now outsource content writing, marking it as a tested and viable strategy. The remainder either outsource all their content or adopt a hybrid model—producing some content themselves while outsourcing other work. It's clear that if you want or need additional help, the opportunity and the industry expertise are there for you to use. 

What does a good relationship with a third-party content creator entail, and what benefits can they bring to the table? 

The Right Partner Understands Your Brand 

Many business marketers and owners assume that outsourcing means sacrificing control over the content—but that's not true. In reality, the best third-party providers take the time to ask questions, listen carefully, and understand what you do and what the brand represents. These are critical steps to producing good social media content that resonates with your audience through a tone and persona that rings true. You can tap into some key benefits by exploring the marketplace and forging a working relationship with a proven team of writers. What are they? 

Meticulous Monthly Content Plans 

A content calendar is a superb tool for successful blog writing—and the same goes for social media. Instead of trying to pull double duty yourself, you can outsource creating a social content calendar. Your content partner can even align this calendar with your existing and upcoming blog post schedule, signal-boosting your posts and generating traffic through social shares. Trust in a partner that can fill your social pages with planned content from the start of the year to its end. 

The Flexibility to Tap Into Sudden Trends or Breaking News 

When news breaks or a new viral trend takes over your industry, it's important for your brand to be heard. Social media moves fast—often too fast for the traditional blog format to respond quickly enough to grab views and be a part of the conversation. Outsourcing social content ensures you can respond rapidly to events requiring your attention, commentary, promotion, or participation. 

Innovating Fresh Content for Your Brand 

Social media is about far more than just content writing—it's an extremely visual medium, too. The demand for fresh, creative content in the photo and video spaces for platforms such as TikTok and Instagram is higher than ever. For many companies, though, these are foreign lands. It's no wonder many marketers have been slow to embrace their potential fully. With the right partner, you can rely on their creativity and understanding of your brand to innovate for exciting new content. 

Month-to-Month Analytics and Tracking 

How is your content performing? Is your following growing, and are you earning shares on your socials? With good analytics, that’s possible to know. Your outsourcing provider should provide these numbers monthly, clearly showing performance in the moment and over time. When you can clearly see the effectiveness of your investment, it's easy to know when to make a change—or when you've found the recipe for success. 

Is It Time for You to Outsource? 

With the right selection process and a business that understands your company, you can confidently outsource content writing for social media. Your competition won't overlook the potential of building audiences on social media—neither should you. Of course, it's not the right decision for every business, and you should evaluate your goals, workload, and current effectiveness before making any decisions. Still, on the internet, which seems to move faster every day, a helping hand could make a difference for your campaigns.