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Content Writer job

Klazema Communications seeks motivated writers who have a passion for creating unique content across many forms and verticals, from blog posts and emails to long-form white papers. In this fully remote position, our writers enjoy flexibility in their work styles and their schedules. Writers set their daily or weekly workloads and receive assignments from project managers based on availability, collaborating with our editorial team to produce high-quality content on time for client delivery. The ideal candidate is self-motivated, engaged, attentive to detail, and highly experienced with the writing process.


Who is a good fit for content writing? We're seeking content writers with skills and attributes including:

  • Excellent communication skills and a fluent understanding of English spelling and grammar
  • Self-editing skills for proofreading and improving work before submission
  • Strong analytical and research skills for assessing and meeting client content needs
  • The ability to adapt to shifting content priorities and meet short-term client deadlines
  • A willingness to learn new skills and explore fresh types of content
  • A basic understanding of SEO's purpose and practical application
  • Reliable internet access



As a content writer, you help clients communicate effectively with their key audiences on a global scale. In this position, you will have responsibilities that begin with:

  • Producing in-depth content according to client instructions
  • Meeting client expectations for tone, language, and branding
  • Conducting research to better understand a client's industry niche and product or service offerings
  • Writing diverse types of content with varying lengths, including blog posts, landing pages, informational articles, and product descriptions
  • Coordinating with editors and integrating feedback and revisions promptly to facilitate on-time content delivery
  • Carrying out content revisions and rewrites upon client request

Interested? We don't have lengthy application processes. Just write an email to