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Content Writing and Marketing Tips: The 6 Big Mistakes To Avoid in 2022

Content Writing and Marketing Tips

There have never been more ways to connect with audiences on the web, but there has also never been so much content competing for their attention. Setting a plan for the year to spread your message and create wins for your team means stepping back and considering your content strategy holistically. While looking for content writing and marketing tips to give your campaign its best chance at success, you should also consider the mistakes you must avoid along the way.

What are some of the major errors that could derail your plans for 2022?

1. Misunderstanding Your Audience

If you aren’t targeting the right people with your content, you'll have a tough time gaining any traction. Simply guessing who might want to read your content quickly reveals the weakness of such an approach. Consider the demographics of your current customers and evaluate the usefulness of tools such as marketing surveys to gain a better sense of your target audience. Knowing your readers informs everything from the tone and style of your content to where, when, and how often you publish.

2. The Firehose Approach: Quantity Over Quality

Beware of investing in content for the sole purpose of having as much as possible to publish. While some content writing and marketing tips do emphasize the importance of volume, quantity over quality is never the best approach to building a campaign that stays successful over the long term. Instead, focus on investing in quality pieces that share your message reliably across a regular, smartly-paced schedule.

3. Over-Relying on the Same Types of Content

Do you publish content that follows the same general format every time? If you never branch out from 500-word blogs, there’s no telling what other kinds of audience engagement you could generate. A successful strategy incorporates multiple types of content into your calendar. Look at what your competitors do and consider the various avenues they leverage to reach consumers. Do you need to invest in more long-form content or shorter pieces for social sharing? Consider what it takes to mix things up from the usual pattern.

4. Failing to Maintain a Consistent Frequency of Content

If you only publish content on an irregular basis, there is no way for you to develop the traction necessary for consistent success. You might get a brief blip of attention right upon publication without ever seeing the long-term engagement that signals success for your campaign. Develop a plan for producing and sharing content on a steady basis to keep your brand top of mind for the audience. Scheduled publication also reflects well on the professionalism and reliability of your brand.

5. Ignoring Old Content in Favor of New Production

Every productive strategy relies on tapping into the trends and creating content that users want to see right now. Even so, that doesn’t mean that months-old content completely loses its value. On the contrary, refreshing old content with new perspectives, fresh keywords, and updated text is a simple way to fill out the calendar while saving on the cost of creating brand new pieces. Don’t overlook the value of the calculated content refresh when you plan your strategy.

6. Not Listening to the Story the Numbers Tell

Sometimes your campaign needs a course correction. When the analytics say that your strategy isn’t working as well as it should — or if certain pieces don’t perform at all — don’t stick with the same plan. Instead, use the numbers to determine how to chart the next phase of your campaign. Make smart investments of time and money into content and let your results guide you.

Create a Plan You Can Execute for Success

Thoughtful preparation is the simplest way to ensure that your content production plans for 2022 proceed smoothly. From big picture tasks such as defining your target audiences to drilling down on what the analytics say, there are many ways to avoid the most common mistakes in content marketing today. Building from a foundation of smart planning gives your business its best chance for success.

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