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How to Spice Up Your Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are invaluable shopping tools that can make or break your ecommerce business.

Malls are out, shopping from home is in, and by 2025, a quarter of all retail purchases will happen online. Welcome to the golden age of ecommerce.

As more online stores start popping up, you’ll need descriptions that stand out to grab your share of shoppers. Product descriptions are portals between the landing page and the add to cart button. They have one job: to bring out the best in what you’re selling in a way that will nail down wishy-washy potential customers.

A powerful product description contains all the juicy details about a product that give it the wow factor, getting shoppers reaching for their ewallets. Product descriptions should help people shop with confidence: nobody wants to buy blind, spending money on hit-or-miss products. Adding personal reviews, detailed features, and bonus tips for setup or styling can transform your online catalog into a go-to product research tool.

The Secret to Writing Superior Product Descriptions

1. Stand in the shopper’s (many, many, many) shoes

Always write for your audience. Knowing your target market helps you choose descriptive language that appeals to the people you built your brand around. Get to know your virtual shoppers! Which spicy details make them send screenshots to their friends, and what makes them yawn and scroll on? Tailored content makes scrolling so satisfying that your shoppers will spend hours in your online store.

2. Focus on the benefits

Basic product descriptions are accurate and contain the specifications that customers are looking for, but superior product descriptions translate plain-Jane features into tangible benefits. You don’t need to oversell the product here: simply pair each feature with how it makes life easier. There is no place for minor inconveniences in the modern shopper’s life. Show them you respect that fact, too.

3. Use natural language

Reading your written work aloud can help you get a sense of the writing tone. Would your ideal customer connect with it? We all know shopping websites that publish clunky product descriptions stuffed with awkward adjectives. This strategy does nothing but make you a meme. It gives you a stifled brand voice that doesn’t resonate with anyone, never allowing you to build authentic relationships with your customers.

4. Make it easy to scan

Why shop online if it takes longer than visiting a brick-and-mortar store? Aim for concise content with descriptive words to paint a colorful picture of your product without boring the audience to death. Writing a literary essay for each product is a waste of time when nobody wants to read it. Bullet points and subheadings are a better way to go.

5. Optimize for SEO

SEO is not only for blogs! You can use it to your advantage on every page of your website, including within your product descriptions. Getting relevant keywords into your descriptions can help put your products on searcher’s screens faster. Keyword phrases can be powerful tools, but beware of keyword stuffing. Always write for people first, not machines.

6. Don’t be boring!

Online shopping is supposed to be fun! While some audiences are really into comparing detailed technical specs (gamers, tech geeks, people with mountain bikes), others are simply trying to find cool new gadgets that satisfy a need and look legit. Your product descriptions should be persuasive and zippy and splash your brand’s personality across the page.

Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Product descriptions are invaluable shopping tools that can make or break your ecommerce business. Well-written descriptions boost SEO and keep people surfing your site for longer, even if they are only window shopping (for now…) The writing team at Klazema Communications can help you rebrand your online store with electrifying new content for each product that shares your brand’s vision and converts casual scrollers to loyal customers. Let’s do this!