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What are product descriptions, and why are they important for SEO?

Are Product Descriptions Important for SEO?

Engaging Shoppers with Detailed Info

Today, breaking through the noise and reaching potential buyers are two of the biggest challenges facing businesses in the ecommerce space. However, many companies leave simple but potentially game-changing website upgrades on the shelf. Creating detailed product descriptions for the items you offer for sale is one of the most fundamental yet overlooked ways to improve both SEO and sales outcomes.

Online shoppers love information—and the more data they have to inform their buying decisions, the better. According to an internal analysis by Google on shoppers looking at their Pixel line of smartphones, 80% of customers carried out research online before they made a purchase. A robust product description has an essential role in engaging your shoppers and kickstarting the buying journey.

Let’s look at what makes a strong product description and how these descriptions can impact your SEO and your bottom line.

Why Users Want to See Rich Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are your opportunity to tell a story about what makes an item unique, desirable, or interesting. While it’s easy to copy the basic specifications from manufacturers and call it a day, the resulting product pages don't have anything interesting to say to consumers. Presenting “just the facts” might produce a clean-looking product page, but it doesn’t make for a useful one.

By including a brief product description instead, you can trigger a buyer to start imagining themselves using or owning the product. You can jump-start a buyer’s journey through intriguing descriptions, keeping them engaged with the page and product. At the same time, you’re furnishing useful information for buyers who are still in the research phase.

Strong product descriptions are an opportunity for your brand’s personality to shine through on every page, reinforcing each user’s overall website experience.

How Do Descriptions Affect SEO and Ranking?

Product descriptions can positively affect SEO, potentially even putting specific product pages in front of search users so that they have an immediate opportunity to buy. Effective descriptions are:

  • Entirely unique,
  • Usually no more than a few hundred words long, and
  • Contain one or two target keywords known to relate to your audience.

Maintaining poor descriptions—or none at all—can make your pages virtually impossible to find in the top results in search engines. Common mistakes include:

  • Keyword stuffing,
  • Copying too much similar text between pages, and
  • Failing to deliver useful information in the description.

Fill Your Ecommerce Site With Descriptive Text

From improving the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns to providing users with everything they need to make an informed decision, compelling text on your product pages makes a measurable impact.

When you have many products to capture and little time to invest in recreating their pages and descriptions, consider the advantages of enlisting outside help. At Klazema Communications, we can supply descriptions for as many items as you have for sale while promoting target keywords, preserving your brand voice, and communicating effectively with your customers.

Learn how easy it is to add product descriptions to your ecommerce site today.