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What Is SEO Writing?

A Quick Primer on Search-Friendly WritingI

A Quick Primer on Search-Friendly Writing

t’s no secret that content is key to driving engagement with your brand online. What your business shares on social media and publishes on its blog is essential to a successful digital marketing strategy. Producing content for the sole purpose of having something to post is not enough to sustain success. If you don’t incorporate the elements of successful SEO writing into your content, all you have is fluff – not an effective way to reach your customers.

What does it mean to write with SEO in mind, and why is it a critical consideration?

Defining SEO Writing

At its most basic, writing for search engine optimization concerns two things: identifying the terms related to your business or products that users might search for and creating valuable content that includes those terms.
Today's advanced algorithms crawling and categorizing the web assign grades to content, blending search relevance with potential value to the user. High-quality SEO writing balances incorporating relevant keywords that users will search for and delivering genuinely useful content. Your readers want a satisfying meal, not a cotton candy dessert. In other words, content has to do more than sound good: it must offer value, too.

Why Should All Content Include SEO Considerations?

Without factoring an SEO strategy into your content, you can't achieve a full measure of success in digital marketing. Every page or piece of content that you don’t optimize is a missed opportunity for engagement.
Search engine bots may never know how to categorize your website when you don't build pages with visible keywords and rich content. That oversight could leave you with valuable chances for making conversions or generating fresh leads stuck deep in the results pages. When was the last time you searched beyond the first or even second page of Google results? Most users don't.

Incorporating SEO into the writing associated with your brand doesn’t mean that your content has to look inauthentic or manufactured for ranking—that’s where professional insight and strategy come into play. 

The Basics of Solid SEO Strategy

There are many considerations to chew over when you’re formulating a strategy for the content your business produces. Some areas have greater importance than others, depending on your industry. For example, some companies will find that they can easily rank for keywords related to their niche products with little competition. Brick-and-mortar businesses may be able to differentiate their keywords geographically to attract more local clicks. Conversely, saturated industries and brands facing high competition from others will have a more challenging time ranking. Each scenario demands a tailored, long-term strategy.

Some of the most vital attributes of a solid strategy for writing with SEO in mind:

  • Ongoing keyword research to identify upward-trending topics related to your business to include the most relevant and high-volume terms in your copy.
  • Incorporating opportunities for interlinking and backlinking within content to demonstrate valuable connections between content to users and search robots alike.
  • Including “meta” information to give users and search engines a taste of the content before landing on the page. • Providing value to users while meeting the expectations set by search engines for quality, length, and trustworthiness.

Take the First Steps Towards Better SEO Content Today

No two SEO strategies are alike, even for companies operating within the same vertical. Writing that appeals to one audience and fulfills a specific set of search criteria might not be as effective for another audience or business. True results come from a strategy that combines high-quality writing with extensive research, experience, and analysis.

At Klazema Communications, our strategic knowledge and team of capable writers can lend your business the understanding it needs in this space. Ask about our team's potential outcomes and opportunities of investing in top-shelf SEO writing.