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What Makes Content Writing Services Different From In-House Production?

Working with an agency provides your team with more time to focus on mission-critical tasks and leaves you with the bandwidth to review and approve content without looming, unreachable deadlines.When you want to engage seriously with a long-term digital marketing campaign, optimizing your website and launching a Facebook page are just first steps. Over time, you'll need to build a library of content that offers value, encourages readers to act, and fuels the success of your campaigns. For an in-house team, supplying everything from a blog to a Twitter account to your LinkedIn page bio is a tall order.

Some businesses choose to face that challenge by staffing up in-house content production. For others, content writing services can take the pressure off the company and its staff by offloading the responsibility to a third party—and doing it can unlock big benefits based on key differences between internal and external production capabilities. Learn what sets these two methods apart.

Less Pressure on Payroll and Human Resources

According to ADP, it costs businesses more than $4,000 on average to hire a new employee—plus weeks of time. When you choose to focus on sending out a higher volume of online content, staffing your squad in-house can be an expensive, time-consuming process. All that stress comes before you even consider the additional administrative and payroll costs associated with more employees.

With an agency, you can access skilled writers without directly employing and managing them, which may help you save time and cash.

Better Consistency Comes From a Deeper Bench

There are some inherent limitations to an internal team—such as sick days. What if the only person who knows how to produce content for one of your platforms needs an extended absence? What if they suddenly split from the company?

By using an agency, you can enjoy the benefits of a bigger roster of writers. If someone can't work, someone else can step in behind the scenes at no extra cost to you to help hit your deadline.

Scale to Higher Volumes More Quickly

When your content starts to gain traction, content writing services can help you meet demand more capably than an in-house team. With an internal team, you may run into capacity problems: a handful of your writers may be able to produce high-quality content, but not at the speed that you need to keep up with the online environment. An agency can bring in additional hands to work on your project with minimal hassle to you.

Know What You're Getting Before You Make a Hire

If you choose to hire an in-house team, you may not be able to reliably guess what kind of experience and expertise is walking through the door. You can collect writing samples and evaluate portfolios, but you may not be sure whether your new hire is a stellar fit or a stellar bluffer. Make the wrong hire and you’re restarting the process at your own expense.

These questions don't enter the picture the same way with an agency. Instead, you can take your time, read reviews, do due diligence, and vet any agency before you choose to work with them. See real samples and evaluate a content team’s communication style without ever taking a risk with your full-time payroll.