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Introduction to Freelance Writing Services

The 5 Biggest Benefits of Working With Freelance Writing Services

The Benefits and Drawbacks for Businesses

From the ecommerce operator to the law firm to a fledgling startup in a niche industry, online content production can be one of your best ways to connect with people on the internet organically. As a central pillar of both good branding and robust, reliable search engine optimization techniques, content is your key to unlocking new opportunities for your business. The theory behind online content is easy enough to understand, but putting it into practice isn’t always a piece of cake. However, using freelance writing services can make it simpler to achieve success.

One or two blogs trickling onto your site each month won't do much to net you the organic traffic results you'd like to see. A successful strategy involves a steady flow of content that is both highly relevant and informative to users while also tailored to attract search engine attention. Why should you consider working with third-party content providers, and what are some of the potential downsides you should understand before making any choices?

The 5 Biggest Benefits of Working With Freelance Writing Services

If it weren’t mostly a winning idea, no one would work with a third-party content provider. So why do so many businesses choose this option? It's not just one reason—it's five. Here's what the right agency can offer.

  • Save time on content production efforts. With one or more writers tackling your project, you can reduce stress related to deadlines and marketing requirements. An experienced agency can turn content around quickly enough to maintain agile marketing in competitive spaces.
  • Save money compared to the cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house copywriting staff. From salary to benefits to the expense of the actual hiring process, onboarding copywriters might not be a winning prospect—especially for smaller businesses. Paying for content as needed is often more cost-effective.
  • Unique points of view and strong writing voices from a group of diverse individuals. Because freelancing attracts experienced writers from all walks of life, you can tap into unique perspectives on your brand, its products, and more.
  • Opportunities for new ideas to keep your marketing efforts fresh and engaging. Working with an outside agency means that even when you aren't sure where to take your content, your writers may have ideas to contribute.
  • Flexibility to scale your campaigns to any level necessary. Whether you only need a few articles a month or a consistent week-to-week production schedule, a content agency adapts to your requirements.

The Potential Drawbacks You Could Encounter

There aren't many investments that are purely winning propositions; there are always some downsides to consider, and that's also true with freelancing services. While a strong agency can become a valuable asset to your business, knowing what potential problems you may encounter is advisable. These issues could include:

  • Highly technical content can require special expertise. Finding writers who can avoid "fluff" and produce content valuable to discerning professionals may be more challenging in niche industries.
  • Speed isn't always a part of every agency's operations. The best agencies take deadlines seriously—but not everyone does. Some services can leave clients frustrated with delays or subpar production quality.
  • Capacity can be a concern. Not every agency can work at scale, making it critical to understand how much help you need before contracting with a partner that can't produce at the speed or capacity you require.

Finding the Best Match for Your Business

Although there can be some potential downsides to third-party content, a smart strategy and selecting the right teams to support your campaigns can mitigate those concerns. For many types of businesses, content writing partners can play a valuable role as a cost-effective means of supporting robust multi-channel marketing campaigns.

At Klazema Communications, our years of experience providing freelance writing services make us a strong potential partner for companies in every sector. We've played a role in many successful digital campaigns with a versatile team of writers and a developed understanding of content marketing, writing, and SEO. Find out more today about the advantages we can offer to your business.