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The 5 Top Sources for Content Marketing Writing Tips Today

Some online resources are dedicated to empowering businesses and marketers to reach their audiences. How do you stay ahead of the curve and help your content rank as highly as possible? What do you need to know about shifting search engine demands, user behavior, or how to create content that will grab your audience? There’s no all-in-one instruction manual full of content marketing writing tips you can use—especially when the digital landscape seems to remake itself every few years. 

For small and growing companies trying to forge an effective marketing campaign, staying on the right path is sometimes challenging. In one study that surveyed marketers in 2021, more than half the respondents felt their campaigns only achieved “moderate” success. Another 14% found their efforts of minimal value—and some even reported no success. How can you place yourself among the nearly 30% who said they were “very” or even “exceedingly” successful? 

The right tips, tricks, insight, and advice offer a place to begin. Still, there’s also good news: some online resources are dedicated to empowering businesses and marketers to reach their audiences. Some even dig deep into how search engines work and evolve, producing original research and statistics that inform many of today’s top campaigns. 

Following some of these other sources can provide key insights that underpin the structure of a campaign. Where can you find help today? 

1. Entrepreneur 

Founded in 1977, Entrepreneur magazine is a top-rated destination for readers interested in individual innovation and growing small businesses. Available as a physical magazine and an online blog with a subscription option, Entrepreneur is an excellent space for keeping up with trends among small business owners. Online, you can easily find a wide range of articles that include content marketing writing tips and more information on how to best position your business for success online. 

2. Search Engine Journal

Online now for decades, Search Engine Journal should be on any online marketer’s must-read list. Why? Simple: you’d be hard-pressed to find another resource that covers so many different types of SEO, from on-page optimization to big-picture strategy. Search Engine Journal helps you remain abreast of the changing requirements for ranking content today by hosting articles produced by industry professionals with their finger on the pulse of search strategy. 

3. Ahrefs 

Some of the best sources mostly focus on journalism in the online marketing space, but others come from those who provide services that can be important to putting campaigns together. Keyword research, analytics, and more—when you need to dig into the data and start thinking about what works and doesn’t, head to blogs such as the one you’ll find at Ahrefs. Hundreds of tutorials and blog articles offer essential tips for how to write content that search engines like. 

4. Moz

Moz is one of the many companies that build software tools to let content marketers drill down into their data for ideas and discover what works and doesn’t. On the Moz blog, you’ll find articles on important subjects, from the basics of blog writing to how you should select keywords from the hundreds of thousands of options for more effective ranking.

5. Backlinko 

Founded initially as a service to help businesses build backlinks that indicate quality connections to search engines, Backlinko today also hosts an excellent SEO blog with writing tips you can start incorporating into your plans immediately. With real-world data and large-scale SEO experiments, Backlinko doesn’t make guesses about what works—they use a scientific approach. Readers can learn how to avoid pitfalls that could impact the effectiveness of their writing and where to find opportunities to improve. 

Transforming Tips Into Actual Content 

In-depth resources and important insights into the elements that make content marketing effective at reaching users and ranking can only take you so far. Eventually, the time comes to move beyond thinking about content marketing, writing tips, and planning. Engaging with the production process can be daunting, and it can take time to gain traction—but an approach informed by the latest thinking in this space ultimately gives you the foundation to succeed.