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Your Options for SEO Content Production

Some small businesses choose to handle everything under their own roof—and some owners don't want to relinquish control. About 68% of all B2B traffic to websites comes from search. For businesses, that means one thing: all effective digital marketing starts with standing out online and achieving consistent and reliable rankings. Otherwise, your brand can become invisible—and it will stay that way until you start deploying content that helps boost your visibility.

A steady stream of high-quality content flowing to your blog and other important channels is key. Where do you find the resources to make that happen?

You have several options for how to handle the production of search-optimized content for your company, from freelance writing services to internal teamwork. Let's evaluate each one and consider the pros and cons along the way.

Option 1: Handle All Your Content Directly

Some small businesses choose to handle everything under their own roof—and some owners don't want to relinquish control. If you have the skills, completing your own content production hands-on might be an option. You'll be able to exercise direct personal control over the tone and style of the content.

The downside? You probably didn't start a business to be a writer, and wearing that hat can become a second full-time job on top of everything else that you manage. While you can choose to remain in the driver's seat, most owners simply won't have the time or energy to devote to effective production.

Option 2: Build an Internal Team for Content Production

Okay, so you probably can’t go it alone—but you could have employees already on your payroll producing the content that your business needs. According to a survey of B2B companies, 63% of companies with fewer than 100 employees do not outsource their content to a third party.

With this method, you'll be able to keep a close watch on content quality, style, and direction with a fully internal process. Unfortunately, you can run into similar problems: you may rely on employees who already perform other job duties to produce content, for example, which could create a challenging environment full of resentment and burnout.

Likewise, as you grow and your content needs scale, an internal team may struggle to produce the volume and breadth of content you require. That's not to mention the hiring and payroll costs associated with maintaining dedicated in-house writers.

Option 3: Work With a Professional Third Party Agency

More than half of medium-sized businesses and 75% of large companies outsource some of their content production because they know a secret: if you find the right business to partner with for content, you can enjoy long-term stability and quality at a lower cost than in-house content production. Matching freelance writing services to your needs can take time and careful vetting, but there are a ton of advantages to unlock with a smart choice.

You can still have the final say on quality and tone—but your outside team can assist with all the heavy lifting. The right third party helps you at any scale, whether you need a few blogs every month or a few dozen pieces of content per week.

Option 4: Take a Hybrid Approach

About half of companies outsource their content. This stat raises the possibility of a blended approach: hands-on when necessary, hands-off when not. Some businesses choose to create some of their own content while relying on a trusted partner to provide volume, strategy, and other support to run effective SEO campaigns.

Choose Your Path Forward Carefully

Some small businesses blessed with talented wordsmiths can carve out limited success online on their own. However, as growth accelerates and more duties arise, maintaining an effective in-house team can become difficult—or prohibitively expensive.

Freelance writing services offer a flexible, scalable content pipeline with consistent delivery. If outsourcing is the right option for you, talented and experienced SEO copywriters are always close by, ready to help.